libcamera is developed as a free software project and welcomes contributors. Whether you would like to help with coding, documentation, testing, proposing new features, or just discussing the project with the community, you can join our official public communication channels, or simply check out the code.

Mailing List

We use a public mailing list as our main means of communication. You can find subscription information and the messages archive on the libcamera-devel list information page.

IRC Channel

For informal and real time discussions, our IRC channel on Freenode is open to the public. Point your IRC client to #libcamera to say hello, or use the WebChat.

Source Code

libcamera is in early stages of development, and no releases are available yet. The source code is available from the project’s git tree, hosted by LinuxTV.

$ git clone git://


Project documentation is created using Sphinx. Source level documentation uses Doxygen. Please make sure to document all code during development.

Submitting Patches

The libcamera project has high standards of stability, efficiency and reliability. To achieve those, the project goes to great length to produce code that is as easy to read, understand and maintain as possible. This is made possible by a set of Coding Style Guidelines that all submissions are expected to follow.

Patches submitted to the libcamera project must be certified as suitable for integration into an open source project. As such libcamera follows the same model as utilised by the Linux kernel, and requires the use of ‘Signed-off-by:’ tags in all patches.

By signing your contributions you are certifying your work in accordance with the Developer’s Certificate of Origin