libcamera  v0.3.0
Supporting cameras in Linux since 2019
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1 /* SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-2.1-or-later */
2 /*
3  * Copyright (C) 2019, Google Inc.
4  *
5  * Control ID list
6  *
7  * This file is auto-generated. Do not edit.
8  */
10 #pragma once
12 #include <array>
13 #include <map>
14 #include <stdint.h>
15 #include <string>
17 #include <libcamera/controls.h>
19 namespace libcamera {
21 namespace controls {
23 enum {
24  AE_ENABLE = 1,
25  AE_LOCKED = 2,
35  BRIGHTNESS = 12,
36  CONTRAST = 13,
37  LUX = 14,
38  AWB_ENABLE = 15,
39  AWB_MODE = 16,
40  AWB_LOCKED = 17,
41  COLOUR_GAINS = 18,
43  SATURATION = 20,
45  SHARPNESS = 22,
46  FOCUS_FO_M = 23,
48  SCALER_CROP = 25,
49  DIGITAL_GAIN = 26,
54  AF_MODE = 31,
55  AF_RANGE = 32,
56  AF_SPEED = 33,
57  AF_METERING = 34,
58  AF_WINDOWS = 35,
59  AF_TRIGGER = 36,
60  AF_PAUSE = 37,
62  AF_STATE = 39,
63  AF_PAUSE_STATE = 40,
64  HDR_MODE = 41,
65  HDR_CHANNEL = 42,
66 };
68 extern const Control<bool> AeEnable;
69 extern const Control<bool> AeLocked;
75 };
76 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 4> AeMeteringModeValues;
77 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> AeMeteringModeNameValueMap;
78 extern const Control<int32_t> AeMeteringMode;
84 };
85 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 4> AeConstraintModeValues;
86 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> AeConstraintModeNameValueMap;
93 };
94 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 4> AeExposureModeValues;
95 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> AeExposureModeNameValueMap;
96 extern const Control<int32_t> AeExposureMode;
97 extern const Control<float> ExposureValue;
98 extern const Control<int32_t> ExposureTime;
99 extern const Control<float> AnalogueGain;
104 };
105 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 3> AeFlickerModeValues;
106 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> AeFlickerModeNameValueMap;
107 extern const Control<int32_t> AeFlickerMode;
108 extern const Control<int32_t> AeFlickerPeriod;
110 extern const Control<float> Brightness;
111 extern const Control<float> Contrast;
112 extern const Control<float> Lux;
113 extern const Control<bool> AwbEnable;
115  AwbAuto = 0,
123 };
124 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 8> AwbModeValues;
125 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> AwbModeNameValueMap;
126 extern const Control<int32_t> AwbMode;
127 extern const Control<bool> AwbLocked;
130 extern const Control<float> Saturation;
132 extern const Control<float> Sharpness;
133 extern const Control<int32_t> FocusFoM;
135 extern const Control<Rectangle> ScalerCrop;
136 extern const Control<float> DigitalGain;
137 extern const Control<int64_t> FrameDuration;
139 extern const Control<float> SensorTemperature;
140 extern const Control<int64_t> SensorTimestamp;
145 };
146 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 3> AfModeValues;
147 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> AfModeNameValueMap;
148 extern const Control<int32_t> AfMode;
153 };
154 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 3> AfRangeValues;
155 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> AfRangeNameValueMap;
156 extern const Control<int32_t> AfRange;
160 };
161 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 2> AfSpeedValues;
162 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> AfSpeedNameValueMap;
163 extern const Control<int32_t> AfSpeed;
167 };
168 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 2> AfMeteringValues;
169 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> AfMeteringNameValueMap;
170 extern const Control<int32_t> AfMetering;
175 };
176 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 2> AfTriggerValues;
177 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> AfTriggerNameValueMap;
178 extern const Control<int32_t> AfTrigger;
183 };
184 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 3> AfPauseValues;
185 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> AfPauseNameValueMap;
186 extern const Control<int32_t> AfPause;
187 extern const Control<float> LensPosition;
193 };
194 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 4> AfStateValues;
195 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> AfStateNameValueMap;
196 extern const Control<int32_t> AfState;
201 };
202 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 3> AfPauseStateValues;
203 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> AfPauseStateNameValueMap;
204 extern const Control<int32_t> AfPauseState;
211 };
212 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 5> HdrModeValues;
213 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> HdrModeNameValueMap;
214 extern const Control<int32_t> HdrMode;
220 };
221 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 4> HdrChannelValues;
222 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> HdrChannelNameValueMap;
223 extern const Control<int32_t> HdrChannel;
225 extern const ControlIdMap controls;
228 namespace draft {
232 enum {
236  AE_STATE = 10004,
237  AWB_STATE = 10005,
240  PIPELINE_DEPTH = 10008,
241  MAX_LATENCY = 10009,
242  TEST_PATTERN_MODE = 10010,
243 };
249 };
250 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 3> AePrecaptureTriggerValues;
251 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> AePrecaptureTriggerNameValueMap;
259 };
260 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 5> NoiseReductionModeValues;
261 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> NoiseReductionModeNameValueMap;
267 };
268 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 3> ColorCorrectionAberrationModeValues;
269 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> ColorCorrectionAberrationModeNameValueMap;
278 };
279 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 6> AeStateValues;
280 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> AeStateNameValueMap;
281 extern const Control<int32_t> AeState;
286  AwbLocked = 3,
287 };
288 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 4> AwbStateValues;
289 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> AwbStateNameValueMap;
290 extern const Control<int32_t> AwbState;
295 };
296 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 2> LensShadingMapModeValues;
297 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> LensShadingMapModeNameValueMap;
299 extern const Control<int32_t> PipelineDepth;
300 extern const Control<int32_t> MaxLatency;
308 };
309 extern const std::array<const ControlValue, 6> TestPatternModeValues;
310 extern const std::map<std::string, int32_t> TestPatternModeNameValueMap;
311 extern const Control<int32_t> TestPatternMode;
313 } /* namespace draft */
316 } /* namespace controls */
318 } /* namespace libcamera */
Custom constraint mode.
Definition: control_ids.h:83
const std::array< const ControlValue, 6 > TestPatternModeValues
List of all TestPatternMode supported values.
Highlight constraint mode. This mode adjusts the exposure levels in order to try and avoid over-expos...
Definition: control_ids.h:81
Exposure mode allowing only short exposure times.
Definition: control_ids.h:90
Default constraint mode. This mode aims to balance the exposure of different parts of the image so as...
Definition: control_ids.h:80
Multiple frames will be combined to produce "night mode" images. It is up to the implementation exact...
Definition: control_ids.h:210
Noise reduction is applied at different levels to different streams.
Definition: control_ids.h:258
Supported AeFlickerMode values.
Definition: control_ids.h:100
const Control< float > Saturation
Specify a fixed saturation parameter. Normal saturation is given by the value 1.0; larger values prod...
The AF algorithm is in auto (AfModeAuto) or continuous (AfModeContinuous) mode and a scan has complet...
Definition: control_ids.h:191
const Control< int32_t > AeFlickerMode
Set the flicker mode, which determines whether, and how, the AGC/AEC algorithm attempts to hide flick...
Incandescent AWB lamp mode.
Definition: control_ids.h:116
const Control< float > AnalogueGain
Analogue gain value applied in the sensor device. The value of the control specifies the gain multipl...
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > NoiseReductionModeNameValueMap
Map of all NoiseReductionMode supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
No noise reduction is applied.
Definition: control_ids.h:254
const Control< int32_t > AfMode
Control to set the mode of the AF (autofocus) algorithm.
const Control< int32_t > NoiseReductionMode
Control to select the noise reduction algorithm mode. Currently identical to ANDROID_NOISE_REDUCTION_...
const std::array< const ControlValue, 5 > HdrModeValues
List of all HdrMode supported values.
const Control< Span< const int64_t, 2 > > FrameDurationLimits
The minimum and maximum (in that order) frame duration, expressed in microseconds.
const std::array< const ControlValue, 4 > HdrChannelValues
List of all HdrChannel supported values.
const Control< Span< const float, 2 > > ColourGains
Pair of gain values for the Red and Blue colour channels, in that order. ColourGains can only be appl...
const Control< Span< const Rectangle > > AfWindows
Sets the focus windows used by the AF algorithm when AfMetering is set to AfMeteringWindows. The units used are pixels within the rectangle returned by the ScalerCropMaximum property.
The AF algorithm is in continuous mode. This means that the lens can re-start a scan spontaneously at...
Definition: control_ids.h:144
Multiple exposures will be generated and merged to create HDR images. Each image will be tagged with ...
Definition: control_ids.h:208
Custom exposure mode.
Definition: control_ids.h:92
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > AeConstraintModeNameValueMap
Map of all AeConstraintMode supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
Move the lens more quickly.
Definition: control_ids.h:159
const std::array< const ControlValue, 5 > NoiseReductionModeValues
List of all NoiseReductionMode supported values.
Supported AwbMode values.
Definition: control_ids.h:114
const Control< int32_t > AfPauseState
Only applicable in continuous (AfModeContinuous) mode, this reports whether the algorithm is currentl...
This is a long exposure image.
Definition: control_ids.h:219
Supported AfSpeed values.
Definition: control_ids.h:157
All pixel data is replaced with an 8-bar color pattern. The vertical bars (left-to-right) are as foll...
Definition: control_ids.h:304
const std::array< const ControlValue, 3 > AfModeValues
List of all AfMode supported values.
const Control< bool > AeEnable
Enable or disable the AE.
The AF algorithm is in auto mode. This means that the algorithm will never move the lens or change st...
Definition: control_ids.h:143
const Control< int32_t > AeFlickerDetected
Flicker period detected in microseconds. The value reported here indicates the currently detected fli...
Continuous AF is paused. No further state changes or lens movements will occur until the AfPauseResum...
Definition: control_ids.h:200
const Control< int32_t > ColorCorrectionAberrationMode
Control to select the color correction aberration mode. Currently identical to ANDROID_COLOR_CORRECTI...
Daylight AWB lighting mode.
Definition: control_ids.h:120
const Control< int32_t > PipelineDepth
Specifies the number of pipeline stages the frame went through from when it was exposed to when the f...
Fluorescent AWB lamp mode.
Definition: control_ids.h:118
High quality noise reduction at the expense of frame rate.
Definition: control_ids.h:256
const Control< int32_t > ColourTemperature
Report the current estimate of the colour temperature, in kelvin, for this frame. The ColourTemperatu...
Supported AePrecaptureTrigger values.
Definition: control_ids.h:245
Start an AF scan. Ignored if a scan is in progress.
Definition: control_ids.h:173
Top-level libcamera namespace.
Definition: backtrace.h:17
const std::array< const ControlValue, 2 > AfTriggerValues
List of all AfTrigger supported values.
The first custom test pattern. All custom patterns that are available only on this camera device are ...
Definition: control_ids.h:307
Each pixel in [R, G_even, G_odd, B] is replaced by its respective color channel provided in test patt...
Definition: control_ids.h:303
The AF algorithm should decide for itself where it will measure focus.
Definition: control_ids.h:165
const Control< float > Lux
Report an estimate of the current illuminance level in lux. The Lux control can only be returned in m...
The camera will cancel any active or completed metering sequence. The AE algorithm is reset to its in...
Definition: control_ids.h:248
Default exposure mode.
Definition: control_ids.h:89
The AF algorithm is in auto mode (AfModeAuto), and a scan has been started using the AfTrigger contro...
Definition: control_ids.h:190
Supported AwbState values.
Definition: control_ids.h:282
Centre-weighted metering mode.
Definition: control_ids.h:71
The AF algorithm should use the rectangles defined by the AfWindows control to measure focus...
Definition: control_ids.h:166
Custom AWB mode.
Definition: control_ids.h:122
const Control< float > DigitalGain
Digital gain value applied during the processing steps applied to the image as captured from the sens...
Supported AeMeteringMode values.
Definition: control_ids.h:70
The AWB algorithm has converged.
Definition: control_ids.h:285
const Control< bool > AwbLocked
Report the lock status of a running AWB algorithm.
const Control< float > SensorTemperature
Temperature measure from the camera sensor in Celsius. This is typically obtained by a thermal sensor...
Minimal noise reduction is applied without reducing the frame rate.
Definition: control_ids.h:257
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > AfTriggerNameValueMap
Map of all AfTrigger supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
The AE algorithm is inactive.
Definition: control_ids.h:272
const std::array< const ControlValue, 8 > AwbModeValues
List of all AwbMode supported values.
Spot metering mode.
Definition: control_ids.h:72
Supported AeExposureMode values.
Definition: control_ids.h:88
Describe a control and its intrinsic properties.
Definition: controls.h:254
HDR is disabled. Metadata for this frame will not include the HdrChannel control. ...
Definition: control_ids.h:206
The AE algorithm is locked.
Definition: control_ids.h:275
const Control< int32_t > AePrecaptureTrigger
Control for AE metering trigger. Currently identical to ANDROID_CONTROL_AE_PRECAPTURE_TRIGGER.
const Control< int32_t > AfState
Reports the current state of the AF algorithm in conjunction with the reported AfMode value and (in c...
const Control< int64_t > SensorRollingShutterSkew
Control to report the time between the start of exposure of the first row and the start of exposure o...
const std::array< const ControlValue, 3 > AePrecaptureTriggerValues
List of all AePrecaptureTrigger supported values.
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > AePrecaptureTriggerNameValueMap
Map of all AePrecaptureTrigger supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
const Control< int32_t > AwbMode
Specify the range of illuminants to use for the AWB algorithm. The modes supported are platform speci...
const Control< int32_t > AfRange
Control to set the range of focus distances that is scanned. An implementation may choose not to impl...
const Control< int32_t > TestPatternMode
Control to select the test pattern mode. Currently identical to ANDROID_SENSOR_TEST_PATTERN_MODE.
All pixel data is replaced by a pseudo-random sequence generated from a PN9 512-bit sequence (typical...
Definition: control_ids.h:306
const Control< int32_t > LensShadingMapMode
Control to report if the lens shading map is available. Currently identical to ANDROID_STATISTICS_LEN...
Move the lens at its usual speed.
Definition: control_ids.h:158
const Control< int32_t > AfTrigger
This control starts an autofocus scan when AfMode is set to AfModeAuto, and can also be used to termi...
Pause the continuous autofocus algorithm immediately, whether or not any kind of scan is underway...
Definition: control_ids.h:180
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > AwbStateNameValueMap
Map of all AwbState supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
const Control< Span< const float, 9 > > ColourCorrectionMatrix
The 3x3 matrix that converts camera RGB to sRGB within the imaging pipeline. This should describe the...
const std::array< const ControlValue, 6 > AeStateValues
List of all AeState supported values.
const Control< int32_t > AeConstraintMode
Specify a constraint mode for the AE algorithm to use. These determine how the measured scene brightn...
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > ColorCorrectionAberrationModeNameValueMap
Map of all ColorCorrectionAberrationMode supported value names (in std::string format) to value...
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > AfStateNameValueMap
Map of all AfState supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
const std::array< const ControlValue, 4 > AwbStateValues
List of all AwbState supported values.
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > HdrChannelNameValueMap
Map of all HdrChannel supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
const std::array< const ControlValue, 3 > ColorCorrectionAberrationModeValues
List of all ColorCorrectionAberrationMode supported values.
const Control< Span< const int32_t, 4 > > SensorBlackLevels
Reports the sensor black levels used for processing a frame, in the order R, Gr, Gb, B. These values are returned as numbers out of a 16-bit pixel range (as if pixels ranged from 0 to 65535). The SensorBlackLevels control can only be returned in metadata.
Continuous AF is running and the algorithm may restart a scan spontaneously.
Definition: control_ids.h:198
Continuous AF has been sent an AfPauseDeferred control, and will pause as soon as any in-progress sca...
Definition: control_ids.h:199
Noise reduction is applied without reducing the frame rate.
Definition: control_ids.h:255
Shadows constraint mode. This mode adjusts the exposure levels in order to try and avoid under-exposi...
Definition: control_ids.h:82
const Control< int32_t > AwbState
Control to report the current AWB algorithm state. Currently identical to ANDROID_CONTROL_AWB_STATE.
const Control< int32_t > AeState
Control to report the current AE algorithm state. Currently identical to ANDROID_CONTROL_AE_STATE.
The trigger is idle.
Definition: control_ids.h:246
This is similar to AfPauseImmediate, and if the AfState is currently reporting AfStateFocused or AfSt...
Definition: control_ids.h:181
const Control< int32_t > AfMetering
Instruct the AF algorithm how it should decide which parts of the image should be used to measure foc...
const Control< float > Sharpness
A value of 0.0 means no sharpening. The minimum value means minimal sharpening, and shall be 0...
Cloudy AWB lighting mode.
Definition: control_ids.h:121
The AE algorithm has converged.
Definition: control_ids.h:274
const std::array< const ControlValue, 4 > AeMeteringModeValues
List of all AeMeteringMode supported values.
const Control< int32_t > ExposureTime
Exposure time (shutter speed) for the frame applied in the sensor device. This value is specified in ...
const std::array< const ControlValue, 4 > AeExposureModeValues
List of all AeExposureMode supported values.
The AF algorithm is in manual mode (AfModeManual) or in auto mode (AfModeAuto) and a scan has not yet...
Definition: control_ids.h:189
Indoor AWB lighting mode.
Definition: control_ids.h:119
Cancel an AF scan. This does not cause the lens to move anywhere else. Ignored if no scan is in progr...
Definition: control_ids.h:174
The pre-capture AE metering is started by the camera.
Definition: control_ids.h:247
No test pattern mode is used. The camera device returns frames from the image sensor.
Definition: control_ids.h:302
Resume continuous autofocus operation. The algorithm starts again from exactly where it left off...
Definition: control_ids.h:182
const Control< int32_t > AfSpeed
Control that determines whether the AF algorithm is to move the lens as quickly as possible or more s...
Supported NoiseReductionMode values.
Definition: control_ids.h:253
const Control< float > ExposureValue
Specify an Exposure Value (EV) parameter. The EV parameter will only be applied if the AE algorithm i...
const std::array< const ControlValue, 3 > AfPauseStateValues
List of all AfPauseState supported values.
const Control< int32_t > AeMeteringMode
Specify a metering mode for the AE algorithm to use. The metering modes determine which parts of the ...
Supported AfPause values.
Definition: control_ids.h:179
The AE algorithm has started a pre-capture metering session.
Definition: control_ids.h:277
Supported HdrChannel values.
Definition: control_ids.h:215
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > AfModeNameValueMap
Map of all AfMode supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > HdrModeNameValueMap
Map of all HdrMode supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > AeExposureModeNameValueMap
Map of all AeExposureMode supported value names (in std::string format) to value. ...
The AWB algorithm is inactive.
Definition: control_ids.h:283
Supported AfPauseState values.
Definition: control_ids.h:197
const Control< int32_t > AfPause
This control has no effect except when in continuous autofocus mode (AfModeContinuous). It can be used to pause any lens movements while (for example) images are captured. The algorithm remains inactive until it is instructed to resume.
const std::array< const ControlValue, 4 > AeConstraintModeValues
List of all AeConstraintMode supported values.
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > AeMeteringModeNameValueMap
Map of all AeMeteringMode supported value names (in std::string format) to value. ...
This is a medium exposure image.
Definition: control_ids.h:218
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > AfSpeedNameValueMap
Map of all AfSpeed supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
const Control< bool > AwbEnable
Enable or disable the AWB.
High quality aberration correction which might reduce the frame rate.
Definition: control_ids.h:266
Supported TestPatternMode values.
Definition: control_ids.h:301
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > LensShadingMapModeNameValueMap
Map of all LensShadingMapMode supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
const Control< float > Brightness
Specify a fixed brightness parameter. Positive values (up to 1.0) produce brighter images; negative v...
const Control< int32_t > HdrMode
Control to set the mode to be used for High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging. HDR techniques typically inc...
Search over the whole colour temperature range.
Definition: control_ids.h:115
const std::array< const ControlValue, 2 > AfMeteringValues
List of all AfMetering supported values.
const std::array< const ControlValue, 3 > AfRangeValues
List of all AfRange supported values.
Supported AeState values.
Definition: control_ids.h:271
The AE algorithm would need a flash for good results.
Definition: control_ids.h:276
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > AwbModeNameValueMap
Map of all AwbMode supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
Supported AfMetering values.
Definition: control_ids.h:164
const std::array< const ControlValue, 3 > AeFlickerModeValues
List of all AeFlickerMode supported values.
const Control< int32_t > HdrChannel
This value is reported back to the application so that it can discover whether this capture correspon...
Supported LensShadingMapMode values.
Definition: control_ids.h:292
No flicker avoidance is performed.
Definition: control_ids.h:101
const std::array< const ControlValue, 4 > AfStateValues
List of all AfState supported values.
Supported AfTrigger values.
Definition: control_ids.h:172
Multiple frames all at a single exposure will be used to create HDR images. These images should be re...
Definition: control_ids.h:209
Matrix metering mode.
Definition: control_ids.h:73
Tungsten AWB lamp mode.
Definition: control_ids.h:117
const Control< int32_t > MaxLatency
The maximum number of frames that can occur after a request (different than the previous) has been su...
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > AfPauseNameValueMap
Map of all AfPause supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
No aberration correction is applied.
Definition: control_ids.h:264
const Control< bool > AeLocked
Report the lock status of a running AE algorithm.
const ControlIdMap controls
List of all supported libcamera controls.
Definition: controls_ids.cpp:1637
const std::array< const ControlValue, 2 > AfSpeedValues
List of all AfSpeed supported values.
const std::array< const ControlValue, 3 > AfPauseValues
List of all AfPause supported values.
The test pattern is similar to TestPatternModeColorBars, except that each bar should start at its spe...
Definition: control_ids.h:305
This is a short exposure image.
Definition: control_ids.h:217
Supported AfMode values.
Definition: control_ids.h:141
const Control< int32_t > AeExposureMode
Specify an exposure mode for the AE algorithm to use. These specify how the desired total exposure is...
The AWB algorithm has not converged yet.
Definition: control_ids.h:284
Framework to manage controls related to an object.
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > AeFlickerModeNameValueMap
Map of all AeFlickerMode supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
This image does not correspond to any of the captures used to create an HDR image.
Definition: control_ids.h:216
Manual flicker avoidance. Suppress flicker effects caused by lighting running with a period specified...
Definition: control_ids.h:102
const Control< int32_t > AeFlickerPeriod
Manual flicker period in microseconds. This value sets the current flicker period to avoid...
The full range of focus distances is scanned just as with AfRangeNormal but this time including the v...
Definition: control_ids.h:152
The lens shading map mode is available.
Definition: control_ids.h:294
const Control< float > Contrast
Specify a fixed contrast parameter. Normal contrast is given by the value 1.0; larger values produce ...
Automatic flicker period detection and avoidance. The system will automatically determine the most li...
Definition: control_ids.h:103
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > TestPatternModeNameValueMap
Map of all TestPatternMode supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > AfPauseStateNameValueMap
Map of all AfPauseState supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > AeStateNameValueMap
Map of all AeState supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
const Control< float > LensPosition
Acts as a control to instruct the lens to move to a particular position and also reports back the pos...
Supported AeConstraintMode values.
Definition: control_ids.h:79
const Control< int64_t > SensorTimestamp
The time when the first row of the image sensor active array is exposed.
std::unordered_map< unsigned int, const ControlId * > ControlIdMap
A map of numerical control ID to ControlId.
Definition: controls.h:303
Supported ColorCorrectionAberrationMode values.
Definition: control_ids.h:263
No lens shading map mode is available.
Definition: control_ids.h:293
Multiple exposures will be generated in an alternating fashion. However, they will not be merged toge...
Definition: control_ids.h:207
Supported HdrMode values.
Definition: control_ids.h:205
Exposure mode allowing long exposure times.
Definition: control_ids.h:91
const Control< int32_t > FocusFoM
Reports a Figure of Merit (FoM) to indicate how in-focus the frame is. A larger FocusFoM value indica...
A wide range of focus distances is scanned, all the way from infinity down to close distances...
Definition: control_ids.h:150
Custom metering mode.
Definition: control_ids.h:74
The AF algorithm is in manual mode. In this mode it will never perform any action nor move the lens o...
Definition: control_ids.h:142
The AF algorithm is in auto (AfModeAuto) or continuous (AfModeContinuous) mode and a scan has complet...
Definition: control_ids.h:192
Only close distances are scanned.
Definition: control_ids.h:151
Supported AfState values.
Definition: control_ids.h:188
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > AfRangeNameValueMap
Map of all AfRange supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
The AE algorithm has not converged yet.
Definition: control_ids.h:273
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > AfMeteringNameValueMap
Map of all AfMetering supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
Supported AfRange values.
Definition: control_ids.h:149
Aberration correction will not slow down the frame rate.
Definition: control_ids.h:265
const std::array< const ControlValue, 2 > LensShadingMapModeValues
List of all LensShadingMapMode supported values.
const Control< int64_t > FrameDuration
The instantaneous frame duration from start of frame exposure to start of next exposure, expressed in microseconds. This control is meant to be returned in metadata.
const Control< Rectangle > ScalerCrop
Sets the image portion that will be scaled to form the whole of the final output image. The (x,y) location of this rectangle is relative to the PixelArrayActiveAreas that is being used. The units remain native sensor pixels, even if the sensor is being used in a binning or skipping mode.