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property_ids.h File Reference

Camera property identifiers. More...

#include <map>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string>
#include <libcamera/controls.h>
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 Top-level libcamera namespace.
 Namespace for libcamera properties.
 Namespace for draft controls.


enum  {
enum  libcamera::properties::LocationEnum { libcamera::properties::CameraLocationFront = 0, libcamera::properties::CameraLocationBack = 1, libcamera::properties::CameraLocationExternal = 2 }
 Supported Location values. More...
enum  libcamera::properties::draft::ColorFilterArrangementEnum {
  libcamera::properties::draft::RGGB = 0, libcamera::properties::draft::GRBG = 1, libcamera::properties::draft::GBRG = 2, libcamera::properties::draft::BGGR = 3,
  libcamera::properties::draft::RGB = 4, libcamera::properties::draft::MONO = 5
 Supported ColorFilterArrangement values. More...


const std::array< const ControlValue, 3 > libcamera::properties::LocationValues
 List of all Location supported values.
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > libcamera::properties::LocationNameValueMap
 Map of all Location supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
const Control< int32_t > libcamera::properties::Location
 Camera mounting location.
const Control< int32_t > libcamera::properties::Rotation
 The camera physical mounting rotation. It is expressed as the angular difference in degrees between two reference systems, one relative to the camera module, and one defined on the external world scene to be captured when projected on the image sensor pixel array. More...
const Control< std::string > libcamera::properties::Model
 The model name shall to the extent possible describe the sensor. For most devices this is the model name of the sensor. While for some devices the sensor model is unavailable as the sensor or the entire camera is part of a larger unit and exposed as a black-box to the system. In such cases the model name of the smallest device that contains the camera sensor shall be used. More...
const Control< Size > libcamera::properties::UnitCellSize
 The pixel unit cell physical size, in nanometers. More...
const Control< Size > libcamera::properties::PixelArraySize
 The camera sensor pixel array readable area vertical and horizontal sizes, in pixels. More...
const Control< Span< const Rectangle > > libcamera::properties::PixelArrayOpticalBlackRectangles
 The pixel array region(s) which contain optical black pixels considered valid for calibration purposes. More...
const Control< Span< const Rectangle > > libcamera::properties::PixelArrayActiveAreas
 The PixelArrayActiveAreas property defines the (possibly multiple and overlapping) portions of the camera sensor readable pixel matrix which are considered valid for image acquisition purposes. More...
const Control< Rectangle > libcamera::properties::ScalerCropMaximum
 The maximum valid rectangle for the controls::ScalerCrop control. This reflects the minimum mandatory cropping applied in the camera sensor and the rest of the pipeline. Just as the ScalerCrop control, it defines a rectangle taken from the sensor's active pixel array. More...
const Control< float > libcamera::properties::SensorSensitivity
 The relative sensitivity of the chosen sensor mode. More...
const Control< Span< const int64_t > > libcamera::properties::SystemDevices
 A list of integer values of type dev_t denoting the major and minor device numbers of the underlying devices used in the operation of this camera. More...
const ControlIdMap libcamera::properties::properties
 List of all supported libcamera properties. More...
const std::array< const ControlValue, 6 > libcamera::properties::draft::ColorFilterArrangementValues
 List of all ColorFilterArrangement supported values.
const std::map< std::string, int32_t > libcamera::properties::draft::ColorFilterArrangementNameValueMap
 Map of all ColorFilterArrangement supported value names (in std::string format) to value.
const Control< int32_t > libcamera::properties::draft::ColorFilterArrangement
 The arrangement of color filters on sensor; represents the colors in the top-left 2x2 section of the sensor, in reading order. Currently identical to ANDROID_SENSOR_INFO_COLOR_FILTER_ARRANGEMENT.

Detailed Description

Camera property identifiers.