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Upcoming hardware support: Mali-C55 ISP


The libcamera team is working to bring up open-source support for Arm’s Mali-C55 Image Signal Processor. This ISP is a new offering from Arm building on the C52 ISP and offering up to 48 MP image resolution, multi-camera support and a range of processing blocks to deliver high-quality image output. The Mali-C55 should appear in production silicon soon and will be usable with an entirely open-source software stack.

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libcamera powers Raspberry Pi’s Open Source Camera System


Traditionally, configuring a camera device on an embedded Linux system has involved a twisty maze of libraries, frameworks, and proprietary vendor blobs. Now, the libcamera project has supported Raspberry Pi (Trading) Ltd. with its release of the Raspberry Pi Open Source Camera System, using libcamera to offer the first product-quality fully open camera stack.

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