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Hi, we’re libcamera.

An open source camera stack and framework for Linux, Android, and ChromeOS

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A complex camera support library for Linux, Android, and ChromeOS

Cameras are complex devices that need heavy hardware image processing operations. Control of the processing is based on advanced algorithms that must run on a programmable processor. This has traditionally been implemented in a dedicated MCU in the camera, but in embedded devices algorithms have been moved to the main CPU to save cost. Blurring the boundary between camera devices and Linux often left the user with no other option than a vendor-specific closed-source solution.

To address this problem the Linux media community is collaborating with the industry to develop a camera stack that is open-source-friendly while still protecting vendor core IP. libcamera was born out of that collaboration and offers modern camera support to Linux-based systems, including traditional Linux distributions, ChromeOS and Android.

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What’s New

  • _images/mali-c55-logo.png

    30 January - Upcoming hardware support: Mali-C55 ISP

    The libcamera team is working to bring up open-source support for Arm’s Mali-C55 Image Signal Processor. This ISP is a new offering from Arm building on the C52 ISP and offering up to 48 MP image resolution, multi-camera support and a range of processing blocks to deliver high-quality image output. The Mali-C55 should appear in production silicon soon and will be usable with an entirely open-source software stack.

  • _images/fosdem-2023.png

    04 February - libcamera @FOSDEM 2023

    In recent months, Jacopo has been pushing hard to get the Pine Phone Pro to have upstream support for cameras. As part of his developments he has written a talk showing and demonstrating the current progress and capabilitites.

  • _images/logo_elc_eu_2022.png

    09 September - libcamera @ELCE 2022

    The libcamera team is demonstrating the latest open source camera developments at Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2022 in Dublin. Two demonstractions are set up to present three different hardware platforms, all running open source 3A control algorithms.

  • _images/GSoC-icon-192.png

    07 September - GSoC 2021: Final report for multistream support in the GStreamer element

    This is Google Summer of Code 2021 project under libcamera aimed at achieving:

  • _images/bugzilla.png

    16 March - bugs.libcamera.org is now available

    The bug tracker is now online. You can use it to report bugs, express wishes, discuss and follow up on issues, and even to find open issues to hack on if you want to get into libcamera development. Happy bug squashing!

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