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libcamera @ELCE 2022


The libcamera team is demonstrating the latest open source camera developments at Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2022 in Dublin. Two demonstractions are set up to present three different hardware platforms, all running open source 3A control algorithms.

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GSoC 2021: Final report for multistream support in the GStreamer element


This is Google Summer of Code 2021 project under libcamera aimed at achieving:

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The bug tracker is now online. You can use it to report bugs, express wishes, discuss and follow up on issues, and even to find open issues to hack on if you want to get into libcamera development. Happy bug squashing!

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GSoC 2021: libcamera has been accepted as a mentor organization!


libcamera is excited to announce that it is selected for Google Summer of Code 2021 as a mentoring organization for the first time.

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libcamera powers Raspberry Pi’s Open Source Camera System


Traditionally, configuring a camera device on an embedded Linux system has involved a twisty maze of libraries, frameworks, and proprietary vendor blobs. Now, the libcamera project has supported Raspberry Pi (Trading) Ltd. with its release of the Raspberry Pi Open Source Camera System, using libcamera to offer the first product-quality fully open camera stack.

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ELCE 2019 recording now available


Jacopo’s talk “A call for Public API Review” is now available on youtube.

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libcamera @ELCE 2019


Jacopo will launch the call for public API review with his talk at the Embedded Linux Conference 2019. We will hold a libcamera workshop the following morning to review the API and discuss use cases. If you would like to attend the workshop, please let us know.

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libcamera in


Following the presentation by Laurent Pinchart at OSS Japan, Jonathon Corbet has written about libcamera in Read the article at

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