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libcamera::Process Class Referencefinal

Process object. More...

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Public Types

enum  ExitStatus { NotExited, NormalExit, SignalExit }
 Exit status of process. More...

Public Member Functions

int start (const std::string &path, const std::vector< std::string > &args=std::vector< std::string >(), const std::vector< int > &fds=std::vector< int >())
 Fork and exec a process, and close fds. More...
ExitStatus exitStatus () const
 Retrieve the exit status of the process. More...
int exitCode () const
 Retrieve the exit code of the process. More...
void kill ()
 Kill the process. More...

Public Attributes

Signal< enum ExitStatus, int > finished


class ProcessManager

Detailed Description

Process object.

The Process class models a process, and simplifies spawning new processes and monitoring the exiting of a process.

Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ ExitStatus

Exit status of process.


The process hasn't exited yet


The process exited normally, either via exit() or returning from main


The process was terminated by a signal (this includes crashing)

Member Function Documentation

◆ exitCode()

libcamera::Process::exitCode ( ) const

Retrieve the exit code of the process.

This function is only valid if exitStatus() returned NormalExit.

Exit code

◆ exitStatus()

libcamera::Process::exitStatus ( ) const

Retrieve the exit status of the process.

Return the exit status of the process, that is, whether the process has exited via exit() or returning from main, or if the process was terminated by a signal.

See also
The process exit status

◆ kill()

void libcamera::Process::kill ( )

Kill the process.

Sends SIGKILL to the process.

◆ start()

int libcamera::Process::start ( const std::string &  path,
const std::vector< std::string > &  args = std::vector<std::string>(),
const std::vector< int > &  fds = std::vector<int>() 

Fork and exec a process, and close fds.

[in]pathPath to executable
[in]argsArguments to pass to executable (optional)
[in]fdsVector of file descriptors to keep open (optional)

Fork a process, and exec the executable specified by path. Prior to exec'ing, but after forking, all file descriptors except for those specified in fds will be closed.

All indexes of args will be incremented by 1 before being fed to exec(), so args[0] should not need to be equal to path.

Zero on successful fork, exec, and closing the file descriptors, or a negative error code otherwise

Member Data Documentation

◆ finished


Signal that is emitted when the process is confirmed to have terminated.

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