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logging.h File Reference

Logging management. More...

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 Top-level libcamera namespace.


enum  libcamera::LoggingTarget { libcamera::LoggingTargetNone, libcamera::LoggingTargetSyslog, libcamera::LoggingTargetFile, libcamera::LoggingTargetStream }
 Log destination type. More...


int libcamera::logSetFile (const char *path, bool color)
 Direct logging to a file. More...
int libcamera::logSetStream (std::ostream *stream, bool color)
 Direct logging to a stream. More...
int libcamera::logSetTarget (LoggingTarget target)
 Set the logging target. More...
void libcamera::logSetLevel (const char *category, const char *level)
 Set the log level. More...

Detailed Description

Logging management.

API to change the logging output destination and log levels programatically.