libcamera  v0.2.0+31-5e4dc46a
Supporting cameras in Linux since 2019
libcamera Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for libcamera:



file  camera.h [code]
 Camera device handling.
file  camera_manager.h [code]
 The camera manager.
file  color_space.h [code]
 Class and enums to represent color spaces.
file  controls.h [code]
 Framework to manage controls related to an object.
file  fence.h [code]
 Definition of the Fence class.
file  framebuffer.h [code]
 Frame buffer handling.
file  framebuffer_allocator.h [code]
 FrameBuffer allocator.
file  geometry.h [code]
 Data structures related to geometric objects.
file  logging.h [code]
 Logging management.
file  orientation.h [code]
 Image orientation definition.
file  pixel_format.h [code]
 libcamera pixel format
file  request.h [code]
 Describes a frame capture request to be processed by a camera.
file  stream.h [code]
 Video stream for a Camera.
file  transform.h [code]
 Enum to represent and manipulate 2D plane transforms.