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libcamera::IPABuffer Struct Reference

Buffer information for the IPA interface. More...

Public Attributes

uint32_t id
 The buffer unique ID. More...
std::vector< FrameBuffer::Planeplanes
 The buffer planes description. More...

Detailed Description

Buffer information for the IPA interface.

The IPABuffer structure associates buffer memory with a unique ID. It is used to map buffers to the IPA with IPAInterface::mapBuffers(), after which buffers will be identified by their ID in the IPA interface.

Member Data Documentation

◆ id


The buffer unique ID.

Buffers mapped to the IPA are identified by numerical unique IDs. The IDs are chosen by the pipeline handler to fulfil the following constraints:

  • IDs shall be positive integers different than zero
  • IDs shall be unique among all mapped buffers

When buffers are unmapped with IPAInterface::unmapBuffers() their IDs are freed and may be reused for new buffer mappings.

◆ planes


The buffer planes description.

Stores the dmabuf handle and length for each plane of the buffer.

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