libcamera  v0.3.0
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libcamera::ipa_control_value_entry Struct Reference

Description of a serialized ControlValue entry. More...

Public Attributes

uint32_t id
uint8_t type
uint8_t is_array
uint16_t count
uint32_t offset
uint32_t padding [1]

Detailed Description

Description of a serialized ControlValue entry.

Member Data Documentation

◆ count


The number of control array entries for array controls (1 otherwise)

◆ id


The numerical ID of the control

◆ is_array


True if the control value stores an array, false otherwise

◆ offset


The offset in bytes from the beginning of the data section to the control value data (shall be a multiple of 8 bytes).

◆ padding


Padding bytes (shall be set to 0)

◆ type


The type of the control (defined by enum ControlType)

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