libcamera  v0.2.0+85-1c5830a9
Supporting cameras in Linux since 2019
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file  bayer_format.h [code]
 Class to represent Bayer formats and manipulate them.
file  byte_stream_buffer.h [code]
 Managed memory container for serialized data.
file  camera_controls.h [code]
 Controls for Camera instances.
file  camera_lens.h [code]
 A camera lens controller.
file  camera_manager.h [code]
 Internal camera manager support.
file  camera_sensor.h [code]
 A camera sensor.
file  camera_sensor_properties.h [code]
 Database of camera sensor properties.
file  control_serializer.h [code]
 Serialization and deserialization helpers for controls.
file  control_validator.h [code]
 Abstract control validator.
file  converter.h [code]
 Abstract converter.
file  delayed_controls.h [code]
 Helper to deal with controls that take effect with a delay.
file  device_enumerator.h [code]
 Enumeration and matching of media devices.
file  formats.h [code]
 Types and helper functions to handle libcamera image formats.
file  framebuffer.h [code]
 Internal frame buffer handling support.
file  ipa_data_serializer.h [code]
 IPA Data Serializer.
file  ipa_manager.h [code]
 Image Processing Algorithm module manager.
file  ipa_module.h [code]
 Image Processing Algorithm module.
file  ipa_proxy.h [code]
 IPA Proxy.
file  ipc_pipe.h [code]
 IPC mechanism for IPA isolation.
file  ipc_unixsocket.h [code]
 IPC mechanism based on Unix sockets.
file  mapped_framebuffer.h [code]
 Frame buffer memory mapping support.
file  media_device.h [code]
 Provide a representation of a Linux kernel Media Controller device that exposes the full graph topology.
file  media_object.h [code]
 Provides a class hierarchy that represents the media objects exposed by the Linux kernel Media Controller APIs.
file  pipeline_handler.h [code]
 Create pipelines and cameras from a set of media devices.
file  process.h [code]
 Process object.
file  pub_key.h [code]
 Public key signature verification.
file  source_paths.h [code]
 Identify the build and source path of a not-yet-installed library.
file  sysfs.h [code]
 Miscellaneous utility functions to access sysfs.
file  v4l2_device.h [code]
 Common base for V4L2 devices and subdevices.
file  v4l2_pixelformat.h [code]
 V4L2 Pixel Format.
file  v4l2_subdevice.h [code]
 V4L2 Subdevice API.
file  v4l2_videodevice.h [code]
 V4L2 Video Device.
file  yaml_parser.h [code]
 A YAML parser helper.