libcamera  v0.3.0+156-644986c2
Supporting cameras in Linux since 2019
base Directory Reference


file  backtrace.h [code]
 Generate call stack backtraces.
file  bound_method.h [code]
 Method bind and invocation.
file  class.h [code]
 Utilities to help constructing class interfaces.
file  event_dispatcher.h [code]
file  event_dispatcher_poll.h [code]
file  event_notifier.h [code]
 File descriptor event notifier.
file  file.h [code]
 File I/O operations.
file  flags.h [code]
 Enum-based bit fields.
file  log.h [code]
 Logging infrastructure.
file  message.h [code]
 Message queue support.
file  mutex.h [code]
 Mutex classes with clang thread safety annotation.
file  object.h [code]
 Base object to support automatic signal disconnection.
file  semaphore.h [code]
 General-purpose counting semaphore.
file  shared_fd.h [code]
 File descriptor wrapper.
file  signal.h [code]
 Signal & slot implementation.
file  thread.h [code]
 Thread support.
file  timer.h [code]
 Generic timer.
file  unique_fd.h [code]
 File descriptor wrapper that owns a file descriptor.
file  utils.h [code]
 Miscellaneous utility functions.